Monday, February 11, 2008

World Conflicts

I do not know of a period in history when there was not major and serious world conflicts going on. I grew up with the Soviet Union and the Western Alliance pointing nuclear missiles at each other. My father lived through WW II. A war over territory and resources.

Today we are told that the Western World is at war with Elkida, an Islamic terrorist organization whose aim is to destroy Democracy and the so called “free World”, lead by Omar bin Laden. Canadian soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan , supporting a government that is anything but Democratic. Today in Afghanistan women have no rights, and there is more Poppy being grown then ever before.

My belief is that these international conflicts are created and manufactured to divert our attentions away from what is really going on in the world. I believe that Elkida is no more a danger to the West then overeating at MacDonald's restaurants. The war against international Terrorist's is a huge manipulation by interest groups on both sides. No one is interested in establishing Democracy in Iraq or Afghanistan . The history and cultures in these countries are totally opposed to the Democratic process. The word Democracy gets both sides up in arms. The naïve Western idealist will go to war and fight for the rights of individuals to live as they wish, where women can walk around in mini skirts and men can get married to each other. (Please note that I have nothing against bare legs or men doing what ever with each other) The other side is made up of people with no history of individual liberalism, who value tribal loyalties and conservative Islam. They will go to war against Democracy because they see it as something that will destroy their way of life. Two rights always make a wrong.

At some point in the future these Muslim countries may develop into some sort of Democracies. They will have to do this in their own way, not have it imposed by a Western power that talks Democracy but has a difficult time actually practicing it.

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