Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Danish Cartoons

This morning I heard on the radio that three Muslims, one a Danish citizen, were arrested for plotting to kill one of the Cartoonists who drew the Mohammad cartoons in 2005. The reason given by Moslems for the riots all over the Middle East was that the cartoons offended Islam. We all know that the riots were promoted by the Syrian and Iranian political leadership. The purpose for the riots and attacks on Danish interest had nothing to do with religion. The cartoons had been published a year earlier and had almost been forgotten. Denmark was the perfect attack target to get back at the west. Denmark is a small well respected country, but could do little to retaliate against the attackers. Of course, the US sat back and did nothing to support Denmark. If the New York Times had shown courage and pride in free speech and Democracy, it would have printed the Cartoons. But no, it didn’t. So Denmark took a month of international abuse from Middle Eastern politicians who were pretending to be offended devotees of the prophet Mohammed. Most of the people running around rioting and destroying Danish property had no idea that there was a country named Denmark, and had never seen the cartoons, but they would do what ever their religious politicians told them to do.

Now two years after the riots, we have three opportunists plotting to murder one of the Cartoonists. I suspect that the three “would be killers” will say that their actions was in revenge to the insult to Islam. I also suspect that there was a very big check in the mail from the same religious political leaders who first instigated the riots. Let me finish by saying that Islam is no worse then Christianity or Judaism. But at this time Islam does have the absolute worse leadership.

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