Saturday, February 16, 2008

The US and Iraq War

For seven years George Bush has been president of the US. I can still not comprehend how the American people elected him their President. During these years I have watched a great country behave like an enraged blind giant being poked with sticks by nasty midget tormenters. It is too late to spend time talking about how they got themselves and other countries involved in a shooting war with Iraq and with the so called Al-Qaeda, forces of international terrorism. The question is that happens now. The Republican Party's candidate, McCain, states clearly that if he becomes President he will stay till the Americans soldiers can leave with Honor. This may take years and billion of more dollars. On the other hand the Democratic Party is all for cutting their losses and getting their soldiers home. The two would be candidates for the Democratic Party is Hillary and Obama. At this point it does not really matter which one becomes the candidate because they both say that they will end the war. The cost to American prestige and the tremendous advantage that this will give to opponents is not a major concern. A Democratic President will deal with these issues by diplomacy and negotiations.

It is very difficult for a Democratic country to fight in a foreign war because as soon as the war becomes nasty and costly in resources and lives of soldiers the liberal or lefties political partys always wants to cut and run. We saw this all too clearly with the Vietnam War. The Americans actually have not won a war since "WWII". The Korean War was a shameful sellout by politicians who were fearful of going to war with China. May be if the Americans had stood fast in Korea, there may not have been a Vietnam War. With Vietnam, the Americans made their usual mistake by not knowing international history. The average American can be an expert on their own history and not know anything about world history. We Canadians know all too well how little the Americans know of us, and we share a five thousand kilometer border with them. What I am trying to say is that if the Americans had known the history of South East Asia, they would never have gone near Vietnam. If the French could not hold it by military force, no one could. By the way, the Americans have sent invading armies to Canada twice. The first time was during their war of independence, and the second time was what we call, the war of 1812. Both times the Americans were defeated and sent fleeing back across our southern boarder. Let's get back to the subject.

The sad truth is that without US being the superpower during the better part of the Twenties Century the world would look and be quit different. I would not relish living in a world where the Nazis or Soviet had come out on top.

The damage done by this President can be overcome and to some extent forgiven. Bush is mentally challenged after all. We need to get through the next year with out further damage to the stability of international relationships, and the economic welfare of the world economy. The two Democratic candidates Clinton and Obama, both talk of bringing the troops home and ending the war. This sounds good, but what will the actually results be of another lost war and American withdrawal be. One thing I have learned over the years is not to get into a fight that I am prepared to loose. All the good advice about not getting into the war in Iraq is past. The Americans are in it, and the enemy or opponents will keep coming now that the fight is on. We are told that Islamic extremists will wake over all Moslem governments and will become the ultimate threat to western democracy. I don't believe a word of this, but also I am not in favor of letting them win power in Iraq or anywhere else. Actually, I believe the real demon in this whole mess is Saudi Arabia. My suspicion is that most of the financing to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda comes from the Saudis. But no American government that totally dependent on Mid East oil is going to confront them.

The choice for the next US President is a tough one. Elect an intelligent Republican that will continue the fight, or elect a Democrat that will cut and run. Since I will not be eligible to vote in the up coming election all I can do is sit back and observe and write my blog. Now I would get very upset if anyone ever called me an Republican. If some someone called me an American Democrat I would likely punch them out.

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