Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tribute of Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston died last night. To me the life he lived and the characters he played in film symbolized the ideal Man. He lived a reserved dignified life which is difficult to do when you are world famous. He was one of the great film stars of the fifties and sixties. There are very few of them left. Also he belonged to a select group of actors who has a screen present that was almost magical.

Charlton’s film roles were some of the most heroic ever depicted on film. My all time favored is Le Cid. The scenes with Sophia Loren are in a class all by themselves when it comes to romance. The battle scenes are also great. Of course, Charlton Heston’s film roles were often so pro Christian that a good Heathen had to bit his tongue. Anyway, Charlton would have made a great Heathen.

During Charlton’s later years he did not do much acting, but spent his time as a spokes person for the American Rifle Association. He became a leading advocate for "the right to bear arms". Charlton received much criticism because of this role by the liberal left, which tend to hold the belief that no one should own a gun. We in Canada also tend to hold the view that no one should own hand guns or assault rifles. This attitude works well in Canada for the most part. We do have relatively little gun violence compared to the US.

I will say that if I lived in the US my views on firearms would be much more in accordance with Charlton Heston. To live in an environment where the dangerous people have guns and you don’t, is kind of stupid. An excellent example of a country were all “law-abiding people” are armed at all times, is modern day Israel. There is less gun violence in Israel then there is in countries where carrying firearms are illegal. Of course in Israel, we only consider gun violence between Israelis.

To get back to Charlton, I will raise a glass tonight in his honor. In what ever next life he encounters, I wish him the best.


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