Monday, April 7, 2008

Gunner's views on current Political Issues

One of the issues in front of the US Supreme court this spring concerns the gun ban in Washington DC. The court may decide the case applies only to the district of Columbia, which is unique because it is not a state, or the court could confirm that the 2nd Amendment give individuals the right to own guns. This is the first time in 70 years a Second Amendment issue has been accepted by the court, and back then they dodged the issue of individual right. If things keep going the way they are in this country we may need our guns!
A long time back you asked about the Glock semi-auto. Personally I don’t like anything about it. The Glock was designed to be safe to carry, and to be reliable when carried by people with little training. It is a double action weapon without a hammer, so the trigger pull cocks and fire the gun each time the trigger is pulled, giving the gun a long and heavy trigger pull and making it difficult to shoot accurately. The safety is a button on the trigger, which prevents the gun from being fired unless it is depressed, so nervous cops can’t forget to release the safety when they need to fire the gun in a hurry. It also keeps them from shooting themselves in the leg if they forget to lower the hammer before they return the gun to the holster. I carry my Taurus with the hammer down, and the safety off. That makes the first shot double action, with a long, heavy trigger pull, and each succeeding shot single action with a short, light trigger pull. If I have time I can cock the hammer for the first shot.

As you know, I have mixed feelings about the war in the Middle East. I was very much against going into Iraq in the first place, but since we are there we need to finish the job. The most resent problems with Moqtada al-Sadr’s millitia in Basra just makes blood shoot out of my eyes. First, why is that jerk still alive? As far as I am concerned, you surround Basra. Then you announce that noncombatants have till sundown to leave the city, and after that you move into the city and kill every living thing left behind.

I recently told Dana that the only person I know off who actually solved the problem of poverty was Count Drakula. His city was overrun by beggars, who were mostly deceased and cripples. Drakula invited them all to a holiday feast at his castle, and then had them killed. Problem solved. Dana was not impressed by Drakula’s solution to poverty, although I reasoned that Drakula spared these poor people from a lifetime of misery.

Sometimes I can’t figure out if I am getting old and grumpy, or if the world really is going to Hell in a hand basket. Part of it may just be that humans were only designed to deal with the problems within their tribe or village, and now we are being inundated with the problems of the whole world. I follow the primaries as well as patience allow, and this crop of candidates are the most miserable, pathethic, lying bunch of thieves imaginable. First, the president does not control the economy, and never has, so the candidates are lying when they claim they will fix the economy. In fact, the economy is mostly a matter of perception, and the scare of a major recession is being used to distract the populace away from the greedy corporations who are exploiting us. The main reason for the present downturn in the economy right now are the fuel prices, and earlier this week the US Senate questioned a bunch of fuel company executives about making 40 billion dollars in profits during the past year, while collecting more billions in tax incentives from the government. Apparently these executives convinced the senators that that their profits are modest and reasonable. Hey, somebody get a rope.

This is enough bitching for this time, because I could write many more pages if I get into all the ways we will be exploited and controlled by the man-made global warming crowd if they get their way. I am working on a story about Grayulf, who settled in England to get away from the growing power of the Christian church and the kings in Denmark.


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