Friday, April 4, 2008

Sick of the US Primary

All we see on American news is the continuing story of the Democratic Primary race between Obama and Hillary. It has become rather nauseating to see which one will be the best President of the US. The impression you get from watching the news is that who ever wins the Primary will automatically become the next American President. Once in a while you catch a few seconds shot of the Republican candidate, McCain.

Obama and Hillary are trying to out do each other by being the most social conscious and race sensitive politician ever. They both talk about public health care, solving the illegal immigration problem, and ending the war in Iraq. The real problems of the country are being ignored. They both say that what ever is wrong is because of Bush's bad leadership and policies.

As much as I love democracy and the freedoms that come with it, I believe that these two politicians will be worse then the four years with Jimmy Carter.

If we take a hard sober look at world politics it becomes instantly clear that Western Democracies are in serious trouble. The current US debt of many trillion of dollars is like living with a time bomb. If and when it goes off, it will take the western economy with it. Both the Chinese and the Saudis are holding trillions of American dollars, and if they dumped them the US dollar would worth maybe .25 cents.

The most damaging policy of the west and especially the US is giving away its industrial industry to Asia, and especially to China. On the news today, it was announced that the US has lost a quarter of a million jobs in the last three months. A lot of these jobs were manufacturing jobs what will never come back. You can not buy a par of shoes or a piece of clothing in Canada and the US today that is not made in Asia. I could write pages of all the industry that have been given away. Most of it did not need to leave North America. The multinational corporations are moving out our industry and jobs to make a slight increase in profits. Our inept, corrupt, ineffective, bought off politicians, are standing by doing absolutely nothing.

Another totally serious issue is that current governments will not deal with is immigration. This is another time bomb not deal with. The reason, of course, is that they provide cheap labor.

A major issue that the Democrats will more then likely totally bungle is the foreign policy. In this area, Bush has left an unbelievable mess. To deal with this will take a strong focused president that will not hesitate to use force. Both Osama and Hillary believe they can deal with Muslim leaders by reasonable dialog and that they can end the Iraq war by negotiation. If they try that the US will be leaving Iraq in a way that will make the Vietnam route look like a walk in the park. McCain says that the US will stay in Iraq till they can leave with honor. I don't know it that is possible, but can the US survive the alternative.

So who will eventually become the next leader of the free world? Does it not almost seem funny to call western democracies the free world. Free to give away their economies, free to be over run, free to limit free speech to accommodate hateful religions.

Like I have said before, I will not have to deal with the traumatic experience of voting for one of these candidates because I am a Canadian. But I will have to live with the consequences of their actions.

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